The European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA)

The European Council of Interior Architects is the representative body for the European professional organizations in Interior Architecture and Design.

Founded in 1992, the ECIA currently represents 16 members, national organizations, with over 7500 practicing Interior Architects. The ECIA provides a common platform for the exchange of information on best professional practices and has established common minimum standards of educational and professional profiles for the Associated Interior Architects in the member organizations.

ECIA is the common voice of Interior Architects on a European and international level, promoting this profession as a vital part of society and economy.

ECIA Charter 2020

After two years of regular meetings and revisions, the 2020 Charter for the training of Interior Architects was finally finished, equipped with an ISBN number, and is available as an open-source document.

» Download English version (PDF)

The 2020 European Charter of Interior Architecture Training Working Group worked on the new declaration regarding education and equal standards for the professional practice. bdia Interior Architect René Pier is a member of the Working Group.

The German translation is also available. » Read more (in German)

bdia Delegierte im ECIA
Elke Kaiser, Innenarchitektin bdia
Mail: elke-kaiser(at)

Mitglied im ECIA Vorstand
Sophie Green, Innenarchitektin bdia

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The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)

The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers represents professional Interior Architects/Designers. Founded in Denmark in 1963 as a not-for-profit, limited liability company to unite the profession and act as a forum for interior design issues, IFI is an associations’ association, representing groups of members and entities related to design in education, practice and related industry.

IFI World Interiors Day

Every year in May, IFI celebrates the “World Interiors Day”. In 2020, we asked bdia members to hand in drawings and sketches to show their favourite place in this challenging times of the On / Off-Lockdowns.

» See the sketches

bdia’s engagement at IFI

Find out more about IFI and bdia’s engagement (in German)

IFI is a member of the International Design Alliance (IDA). The triumvirate includes The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA). This alliance focuses on opportunities to further promote the design discipline based on multidisciplinary collaboration.

IFI Secretariat – New York
708 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10017, USA
T +1 (212) 884-6375
F +1 (212) 884-6247

bdia Delegierte im IFI
Sylvia Leydecker, Innenarchitektin bdia
bdia Vizepräsidentin 2011-2019 / former bdia board member 2011-2019