Interface “Touch of Timber” für BDIAusgesucht! 2016

Touch of TimberTM ist eine Teppichfliesen-Kollektion in zwölf Farbkombinationen. Die innovative Teppichfliese ähnelt optisch einem Holzfußboden, verbunden mit allen Vorteilen eines umweltfreundlichen textilen Bodenbelags. Gemäß der Mission Zero von Interface besteht die Kollektion aus 100 Prozent recyceltem Garn und enthält eine Vorbeschichtung aus recyceltem PVB, einem Verbundmaterial zur Laminierung von Windschutzscheiben.

45mm / 450cm / shift 0 / 48 degrees lean angle

Humans have an innate connection to nature. We have evolved to thrive in surroundings with variation and calm. The wooden plank has been with us for centuries and the Skinny Planks format made its way to carpet tiles several years ago. The Touch of Timber range is inspired by the Artisan trend, celebrating the personal touch of handmade items.

Touch of Timber is a range of Skinny Planks that incorporates more than just the shape of the wooden plank. The irregular pattern resembles the grain found in bark or wood and the microtuft construction creates a minimalistic texture. The shape of these carpet tiles enables the proven installation patterns we know and love with the slip-resistance, underfoot comfort and acoustic qualities we know from soft flooring.

Our recycled PVB precoat and the minimal use of yarn guarantee a small carbon footprint. Enjoy the natural element with Touch of Timber. > Weitere Informationen

45mm / 93cm / shift 4 down

45mm / 94 cm / shift 6 down